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Fix: Page Not Updating

Sometimes when updating a page, you may not immediately see your changes on the front end of your site. 99.99%...
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Set Site Favicon

The favicon is the icon that shows in your browser tab. In Virtue and Pinnacle, the favicon was set in...
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Create A Gallery

From the visual editor of your edit page click the “Add Media” button. Click “Create Gallery” then either upload new...
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Site Speed Optimization

A fast site doesn’t happen by accident. There are some sure ways for optimizing your site’s speed. For various methods...
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Build and Display Menus

Creating a Custom Menu Step 1- Go to Appearance > Menus. Under the Edit Menus tab select the menu you...
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Link Two Posts or Pages

If you want to add a link within your current post to another post, or any other place on the...
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